Heat Treatment is a process paired with welding in the Manufacturing and construction of Metal components.

From our experience, Heat Treatment is almost unknown in the industry – however it is a very important step in the metal manufacturing process and forms part of the final product that is delivered.

Ithuba Heat Treatment TrainingIthuba Heat Treatment Training and Consultants was established after identifying the lack of training in this specific field, and one of our goals is to provide several workshops and forums to broaden knowledge and close the skills gaps around Heat Treatment by empowering individuals with the relevant knowledge.

Registered Facilitator and Assessor on Unit standard-13275 (Perform heat treatment processes on engineering metals).

The only registered Facilitator and Assessor on that Unit standard at merSeta in South Africa.

Ithuba Heat Treatment Training and Consultants offer internal training and are busy with a skills programme through merSeta on unit standard 13275 (Perform heat treatment on engineering metals).

Ithuba Heat Treatment Training and Consultants also assist companies to do their own heat treatment.

Ithuba Heat Treatment Consultants also offer Machine Combinations sales and rentals

For Heat treatment Assistants and Technicians already working in the industry it will be beneficial as we provide training in different KVA controllers, Digital and Analogue Recorders, teach how to build specialized heaters, how to work out different heater voltages and detailed fault finding techniques.

For QC and QA we conduct a 3 day Heat Treatment workshop to understand setup of preheat / postweld and any kind of fault finding.

For Engineers we conduct a 2 day Heat Treatment workshop to understand all fault finding that occurs on charts.

We are also able to accommodate students in the field who are currently working, if they need a different time or day schedule, and we are available 7 days a week.

For more information you are welcome to contact us at 079 386 0098 or info@ithubatc.co.za.

Services offered

  • Heat Treatment Training – workshops and forums
  • Heat Treatment Consulting for planned work
  • Setting up Heat Treatment Workshops for factories commencing their own heat treatment
  • Sales of heat treatment machines, accessories and consumables

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